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Eric Pone Appointed

For two years we were blessed to have Eric Pone as a member of our staff as he prepared for full-time ministry in The United Methodist Church. In September of 2021 he returned to seminary classes, and later was approved as a candidate for ordination as an elder and licensed to serve as a local pastor. We are grateful to announce that Interim Bishop David Bard has appointed Eric as the pastor of Hillcrest UMC in Bloomington, Minnesota. Congratulations, Eric!

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I was supposed to create a two-minute video to introduce myself and my church to my newest MBA class. I had lots of help from lots of people on VERY short notice. Thanks for that! My professor is Dr. Murray, which is why everyone is talking to her. I have a half hour of hilarious clips people sent me that I didn't get to use--yet!!!

--Pastor Ruth Ann

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