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Our mission statement is a question:


This is what Jesus asked a man he met by the side of the road. Even though the man was blind, Jesus didn't assume to know what the man wanted or needed. Instead, he cared enough to stop and get to know him. Then Jesus provided the spiritual power that allowed healing to happen.

We believe that Brunswick is our church whenever and however you need it to be. Get to know us, and let's grow together into the kind of neighbors God wants us to be. We are a casual, come as you are community growing in diversity and working together with several partner organizations and other churches in the community.


If you share our vision for a renewing church that partners with several faith and community groups in order to connect with people of every generation, every race, every nation, identity, and ability …


Or if we can be of any service to you or yours, we look forward to being in ministry with you.


We give thanks to be partners in ministry with:

Christ Saving Grace

Living Christ Chapel

Casa del Rey

Early Steps Learning Foundation Preschool


Loaves and Fishes community meals

REFIT® exercise ministry

our Girl Scout troop

and the students of KweKwe, Zimbabwe

Come As You Are
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