Come as you are--you will be welcomed

Our Mission is a question Jesus asked: How can we help? (Luke 18:41)

We strive to reflect God’s love to all.

Be who you are--you will be celebrated

The Apostle Peter exclaimed, “I truly understand that God shows no partiality.” (Acts 10:34)

We honor the sacred worth and dignity of persons of every age, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, physical and mental capacity, experience, education, occupation, legal history, citizenship, economic and marital status. (And if we left something out, let us know!)

Explore where you are--we will walk alongside you

Without hesitation, Jesus walked with people who were despised because of occupation (Luke 19:5); medical status (Mark 5:25-34); ethnicity (John 4:9); and sexual history (John 8:10-11), to name a few.

As Jesus walks with us, we trust Jesus is also walking with you, and we have much to learn from one another, especially in our differences. Faith is a journey of trust and transformation, where beliefs are formed and reformed in community.

Brunswick United Methodist Church

6122 42nd Avenue North

Crystal, MN 55422

Parking lot is behind the church, off Colorado Avenue North

Phone: 763-533-1661

Office Hours: Monday - Thursday 10am - 3pm, Closed Fridays