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Brunswick Faith Stories

Here at Brunswick we believe everybody has a story. Everyone has a different story because God has made us all unique and in our lives we come to know Christ in many different ways--so we encourage each other to share those stories to help us to know one another and to know God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit better.


If you have a faith story you would like to share, please contact Rev. Ruth Ann Ramstad (


To view all of the Faith Stories in a single play list, visit our Youtube Channel by clicking here. Please enjoy these stories of how God is working in the lives of our congregation.

Leonard Norum 

Wilson Fletcher

Lori Hubin

Doris-Mae Flye 

Del Van Batavia

Tania Hendrickson

Joy Bueltel

Teresa Van Batavia

Sherri Leduc

Nick Bueltel

Claudia Fletcher

Linda Browning

Karen Bergly

Nancy Robinson

 Mercedes Fletcher 

Joanie Webster

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