​Sunday Nursery

Children are always welcome in worship, even if they run around and make a little noise. But if you prefer an alternative for children 3 and under, our nursery is staffed by volunteers weekly. Loving care, in a safe environment for the smallest children makes it possible for families to enjoy worship together while knowing their little ones are enjoying age-appropriate toys and music. 

Sunday School

For Pre-K (3 years) through age 12, children enjoy different types of activities on a weekly rotation (science, cooking, art, drama, and more) exploring a Bible theme from many angles. Children are dismissed from the worship service.

Sunday School

Youth Ministries & Confirmation

We have just started new youth ministries this fall at Brunswick. We have an amazing multi-cultural youth group meeting on Saturdays, monthly discussion groups for older students during worship, and confirmation classes that are designed for individuals and small groups.

Teenage Group